Our Mission

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Our mission is to...

Empower our youth on a path to change their world in the most uplifting and positive manner through immersive, experiential training in Entrepreneur-ISM - believing in oneself, articulating dreams and goals, and having the audacity and the tools to make it happen. L!FE launches skills and confidence to know anything is possible with strength of character, integrity and the courage to figure it out.

Entrepreneur-ISM = The Ability and Audacity to Achieve

At L!FE we work with students (5th grade and up), startups, employees seeking advancement, as well as workers displaced from their jobs or just re-entering the workforce. We customize our programs to meet the needs of our participants. Our goal is to help participants understand and hone the skills they need to reach their goal: be it completing a task or assignment, interviewing for an internship, applying to college, starting a new business or revitalizing an established one. Through teaching the principles of entrepreneur-ISM, storytelling, public speaking and design thinking we offer more than just encouragement (YOU CAN DO IT). We offer the expertise that can lead to real success (YOU CAN DO IT…AND HERE’S HOW).