Our Approach

All of L!FE’s programs teach participants to find and follow their passion by developing their personal voice and creating strategic plans of action. We do this by embracing the following three approaches to our program curricula:

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Interdisciplinary and
Experience-Based Learning

L!FE employs experience-based learning to bring together knowledge and skills from theater, business, design thinking, community advocacy, urban studies and other disciplines in order to help participants to tackle complex ideas and problems.


Intersection of Business & Theater Skills in the Working World

Art is education. Our programs embrace skills employed by theater artists such as storytelling, articulation, improvisation, ideation and more as a method to create engaging, effective and innovative business practices and network participants into the professional world.


Student Centered and
Constructivist Philosophy

Our program participants get to take the driver’s seat in the learning process by discovering their passion, diving into an investigation of that passion, and then turning it into actionable ideas with support from L!FE staff.