The strength of the L!FE community lies in the breadth, depth, and diversity of our partners. We enlist the expertise of local business and community leaders, guest speakers, internship facilitators, educators and school districts; all of them dedicated to the success of our program participants. Don’t just take our word for it. See what others are saying about the extraordinary work being done by our students.


Haven Academy was thrilled to offer the L!FE program in our new middle school. Students gained confidence, public speaking skills and developed a strong bond with each other and the program teachers. Our L!FE teachers were caring, thoughtful, and creative. Each week, they brought new activities and topics for the kids to explore. The students were very proud of their final presentations and the work the did with L!FE will serve them well as life long learners.
— Jessica Nauiokas, Head of School, Haven Academy, Bronx, NY
These kids did an outstanding job at L!FE: University Prep Academy. I am quite sure we’ve some budding entrepreneurs on the way. They all had phenomenal concepts, thought about what the problem was, and identified creative solutions, all of the basics an entrepreneur needs when pursuing an idea
— - Dennis Archer, Jr., L!FE Panelist & CEO Ignition Media Group, President ACS, 2016 Mackinac Policy Conference Chair
I was really impressed with the students— how articulate they were, how well thought out their ideas were, and how well prepared they were.
— James Chapman, L!FE Panelist & Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Manager Small Businesses and Entrepreneurship Initiatives with Rock Ventures
Your program is unique in both its curriculum and delivery, elevating inherent skills, leadership, enthusiasm, and commitment from our students. The students loved the L!FE program. The feedback from parents, students, and faculty is outstanding.
— Mark Ornstein, CEO, U Prep Schools
It was amazing to hear these student ideas. They are thinking critically and thoughtfully while approaching social problems and finding creative solutions. If more and more students begin thinking like this I think our world might be a safer and better place to participate.
— Amy Kaherl, L!FE Panelist & Director, Detroit Soup (funding local initiatives)
Thank you again for including me in this amazing project. I’ve already had a student reach out to me to stay in touch. I asked him where I can help advise his project going forward!
— Meredith Miller General Manager- MI|OH Red Bull North America
I participated in the L!FE Program, during the summer of 2016, where I learned the basics of entrepreneurship. This program taught me the benefits of goal-setting and creating an action plan to achieve my dreams. The things I like most about the program are the mentors and advisors I have come to know in these few short months. I am so glad I participated in the L!FE Program
— Tariq Topey, L!FE Graduate & Founder – Dynamite Theater Productions
In L!FE we want to be successful and live it the best we can. L!fe has taught me that nothing is unreachable and we can obtain it through perseverance and teamwork.
— Howard Williams, Jr., L!FE Graduate & Founder – Believe It Can Be
L!FE was astounding, It provided new experiences for me to learn about how to start a business.
— Celestina CamposNieto, L!FE Graduate & Founder, Believe It Can Be

I can’t thank you enough Ms. Michaela for being my mentor the past week and teaching me so much and taking me under your wing. The skills L!FE showed me are so valuable and I plan to take advantage of them. I hope we can work together in the future or if you need anything I can help you with please let me know. I also hope everything you do is always successful.
— Markuis Cartwright-Huff, L!FE Graduate & Founder, Believe It Can Be, Head Mechanical Engineer for UPA G.O.A.T.S./Student Council Representative